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 The Scare is Everywhere 

Celebrating our 30th year of haunting, and our 3rd year at Assembly Park in Vaughan.

Toronto’s original Haunted Attraction

This year, SCREEMERS is partnering with Caritas School of Life

Caritas School of Life is a Therapeutic Community with a multi-dimensional approach to recovery. At Caritas we encompass the physical, mental, spiritual, social, emotional and vocational needs of a human being within a highly structured, family-like environment.


What is Screemers?


SCREEMERS is a pay one price event, which includes all 7 haunted walk through mazes featuring over 120 live actors. 


you'll also witness walk around entertainers through out the entire area. 


Screemers includes unlimited rides on the Midway of Madness, along with a Food Truck Eatery area to satisfy you hunger pains.


Rain is never an issue. Screemers Festival area is housed under a Huge 15,000 sq ft open tent, featuring our realistic props and stage shows to entertain you. PLus, we have the fully licensed Vampire Lounge.

Live the Fear


Admission Prices

(available at the door or online)

(Cash & Debit at ticket booth. ATM is available on site)

General Admission

pay one price event - includes all 7 haunted walk through mazes + unlimited rides on the Midway of madness.


Fridays – Sundays & Halloween

(Not including October 28-30)

$44.95 + HST/person

Fast Pass + $20 + HST/person

Halloween Weekend (October 27-29)

$49.95 + HST/person

Fast Pass + $20 + HST/person


$39.95 + HST/Person

Fast Pass + $20 + HST/person




  • SCREEMERS is not recommended for children under the age of 10, those with heart conditions, or snivelling cowards!

  • Please be aware SCREEMERS will only honour any tickets purchased through an authorized retailer.

  • Please note any tickets bought through deal sites will only be valid for the date purchased.

the haunts

Discover the Ultimate Adventure with

"7 Haunts of Horror"

Are you ready to face your deepest fears? 

Prepare for spine-chilling thrills and heart-pounding scares as you embark on the most terrifying journey of your life.

The "7 Haunts of Horror" beckon, daring you to conquer them all!

The Scare is EveryWhere

BRAND NEW for 2023! Enter at your own risk as you walk through your worst Halloween Nightmares. Step into the spine-tingling world of Halloween Horrors, where terror lurks around every corner and your darkest nightmares come to life!


This haunted attraction is not for the faint of heart, as it immerses brave souls into a realm of supernatural thrills and bone-chilling horrors.

Winter has turned from a whimsical delight to one terrible frozen fright. The joys of the holidays will haunt your dreams, as you make your way through this frozen nightmare of screams.


Watch out for Krampus and evil Santa along the way. they are looking for children to take away and slay. The elves are working hard in their shop, but don’t get too close because they are known to chop.


This is a Winter Horrorland and nothing is right, so come and take part in an unholy night.

The screams of joy and laughter commonly heard when enjoying a carnival have turned to shrieks of fear and crying at this demented carnival.


This carnival has all the best components of any good carnival, a midway, magic show, freak show, rides and more, but in this case something has gone drastically wrong.

This is a midway full of unthinkable horrors, that appeals to your greatest fears and is more of a nightmare than a dream.


Hold on to your loved ones, because one of you may become the next victim to join this maniacal carnival of horrors.




This wax museum displays the greatest Slasher movie characters ever….however something has gone wrong and the slashers have come to life to terrorize the museum.


Walk through Camp Crystal Lake, tip toe through Freddy’s furnace room, run past Leatherface’s chopping room.

If you were scared watching the movies, then this haunt will destroy you as you come face to face with the characters that haunt your dreams.

the darkness

Pass into the coal black vortex where no light can enter. The labyrinth twists you as you grope your way in TOTAL DARKNESS!!! Hungry, rampant creatures live in the darkness. Beware! If captured, you may never escape the Black Hole!

Centuries of evil have overrun the Castle and taken control. Tortured souls in the dungeons. Spirits in the walls. Voices in the corridors.


Do you have the nerve to visit? Will you survive as you wind your way through the haunted halls.


Why will no one spend the night in this house? Why have many tried and failed? What is in there? Are you brave enough to take the terrifying trip through Toronto’s most shocking haunted house?


If you try, don’t trust your eyes, your nose or the hair on the back of your neck. Please do not step on any of the corpses you encounter. Be prepared to screeeeeeeeeeeeam!

Even More

The Midway of Horrors comes to life once the sun goes down. Hop on the haunted ferris wheel or shoot at one of our midway games.

Feel parched?

Visit our Vampire Lounge, where the ambiance drips with dark elegance and the cocktails are as seductive as they are intoxicating.

Vampire  Lounge

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frequently asked questions


Screemers is Located in the Assembly Park ; at 80 Interchange way, Vaughan. Easily accessible by both the TTC and Go Transit, Parking is FREE.



Beware of our walk around ghouls because The Scare is Everywhere! The average visit to Screemers lasts approximately two hours, but guests are free to stay for as long as they like.


SCREEMERS is a high startle, high scare event, it is recommended for victims 10 years of age and older, please use your own discretion. Costumes are welcome, but please note costume masks will not be allowed inside mazes.


Please respect the eerie atmosphere of our haunted attractions by refraining from taking photos within the haunts. Instead, capture your memories at designated photo ops around the park, ensuring everyone can enjoy the spooky experience while preserving the haunting ambiance.

Is screemers accessible? yes, 4/7 of our haunted attractions are accessible!

Live the Fear





Thanks for subscribing!


416.979.FEAR (3327)


Assembly Park
80 Interchange Way,
Vaughan, L4K 5C3


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